Special Offer for Smile Direct Club Patients: Exclusive Discount on Clear Aligners

Karim Shokraee 4 minute read Published: 2/01/2024 Last updated: 11/06/2024

The abrupt closure of Smile Direct Club has left many patients seeking continuity in their orthodontic care. At the Vallance Dental Centre, we’re stepping in to fill the gap with a significant discount on 32CO clear aligners. Our team is prepared to offer the personalised care and expertise needed to navigate this smoothly, ensuring that your journey to a perfect smile is uninterrupted. With this in mind, we cordially invite all those impacted by the Smile Direct Club’s closure to explore the possibilities within our practice.

Background on Smile Direct Club’s Closure

Smile Direct Club’s recent filing for bankruptcy and subsequent operations halt has left numerous customers mid-treatment, facing uncertainty. It is critical, now more than ever, to secure a thorough dental assessment to identify any immediate needs and to map out the remaining course of your orthodontic care.

How the Vallance Dental Centre Can Help

In the wake of this industry shake-up, our practice provides a robust support system for former Smile Direct Club clients. We offer an inclusive dental and orthodontic evaluation to ensure that your treatment meets the highest standards of care. For those who require new aligner therapy, we are proud to extend a £500 discount on 32CO clear aligners, coupled with continued support by our dedicated dental professionals.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Practice

Our commitment to patient care is unwavering. We pledge to provide a service that is not only comprehensive but also adapts to your individual orthodontic needs and goals. As part of our practice’s protocol, we ensure meticulous documentation and informed consent for all treatments, allowing you to understand and consent to the course of your care fully.

Next Steps for Smile Direct Club Patients

For former Smile Direct Club patients now seeking to ensure the continuity and completion of their orthodontic treatment, The Vallance Dental Centre has established a clear and streamlined process:

1. Initial Contact and Consultation Scheduling: Reach out to us via our contact form, email, or by phone to schedule an initial consultation at £75.  Our team is prepared to accommodate your scheduling needs to ensure you receive timely care.

2. Comprehensive Dental Evaluation: During your first visit, we will conduct an extensive dental evaluation. This will likely include a review of your dental and treatment history, an assessment of the current state of your dental  health, and potentially new imaging to ensure we have an accurate understanding of your needs.

3. Discussion of Treatment Plan: Post-evaluation, we will sit down with you to discuss your treatment plan in detail. This plan will be tailored specifically to your situation, taking into account the work already done with Smile Direct Club and the goals you have for your smile.

4. Financial Planning and Special Offer Application: We will provide clear information about the costs associated with any required treatment and apply the £500 discount towards your new clear aligners. Our staff can also assist with financing options or payment plans to ensure the treatment is affordable.

We understand that the closure of Smile Direct Club may have been unsettling. Still, we are here to reassure you that with our professional expertise, comprehensive care, and dedicated support, the completion of your orthodontic journey can be a smooth and successful process. Please do not hesitate to take the first step and reach out to us to explore your options and continue your path to a healthy, confident smile.

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For Smile Direct Club patients in search of dependable care, the Vallance Dental Centre stands ready to assist you. Benefit from our exclusive offer on 32CO clear aligners and continue your treatment with the assurance of expert care. Contact us today to book your consultation and take a decisive step towards completing your orthodontic journey.