Immediate Dentures: Get Your New Smile in Just One Day

If you have teeth that require extraction and don't want gaps, learn how immediate dentures can be fitted on the same day as a dental extraction to fill gaps in your teeth

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Immediate Dentures: Your Teeth in a Day Solution

Missing or decayed teeth can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment, but with immediate dentures, you can have a new smile in just one day. At Vallance Dental Centre, we offer this life-changing treatment to help you restore your confidence and enjoy a healthier mouth. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about immediate dentures, from the process to the advantages and common concerns. Let’s dive in!

What is an Immediate Denture?

An immediate denture is a complete or partial denture that is placed in the mouth immediately after tooth extraction. These dentures are custom-made before your tooth removal appointment, allowing you to have a new set of teeth the very same day.

Immediate dentures are different from traditional dentures in that they are designed to be a temporary solution while your gums and jawbone heal after extraction. After the healing process, you’ll receive a definitive or permanent set of dentures.

Before and After Immediate Dentures

See the difference immediate dentures can make in these before and after images:

Custom staining and charachterisations can be added to create a more natural effect

Here is a video of an immediate partial denture fitted immediately after 4 extractions have been carried out

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures

  • Advantages of Immediate Dentures
    • Teeth in a day: With immediate dentures, you won’t have to go without teeth during the healing process. Your smile will be restored the same day as your tooth extraction.
    • Improved appearance: Immediate dentures help maintain your facial structure and prevent your cheeks from appearing sunken, which can happen after tooth loss.
  • Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures
    • Initial fit adjustments: As your mouth heals, your gums and jawbone will change shape. This means you may need to have your immediate dentures adjusted or relined to maintain a comfortable fit. Sometimes patients require a second set of dentures called “definitive dentures” to be made once the gums have fully healed.
    • Additional cost: Immediate dentures can be more expensive than traditional dentures as the process requires extractions. However, you can review our dental charges to understand the costs involved.
    • Temporary solution: Immediate dentures are designed to be a temporary solution while your gums and jawbone heal after extraction. After the healing process, you may need or want to transition to a definitive or permanent set of dentures, which requires additional time and expense.

Immediate Dentures: The Process Explained

Understanding the process of creating and placing immediate dentures can help ease your concerns and provide a clear picture of what to expect. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how immediate dentures are made and fitted for patients:

  • Consultation and Examination:

    Your journey to getting immediate dentures starts with a consultation at Vallance Dental Centre. During this appointment, your dentist will examine your oral health, discuss your dental history, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for immediate dentures. They will also address any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment.

  • Impressions and Measurements:

    If you’re deemed a suitable candidate, your dentist will take impressions and measurements of your mouth. These will be used to create a custom-fit immediate denture that either matches your natural teeth as closely as possible or give you the ideal smile you have always dreamed of.

  • Denture Fabrication:

    The impressions and measurements are sent to a dental laboratory, where skilled technicians will craft your immediate dentures. They will pay special attention to the shape, size, and color of your new teeth to ensure a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

  • Extraction Appointment:

    Once your immediate dentures are ready, you’ll be scheduled for your tooth extraction appointment. Your dentist will carefully remove the affected teeth, clean the extraction sites, and place your custom-made immediate dentures in your mouth. This will provide immediate protection for your gums and help reduce bleeding.

  • Post-Extraction Care:

    Your dentist will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your immediate dentures and your oral health during the healing process. This may include information on cleaning, diet, and managing discomfort.

  • Follow-up Appointments:

    Regular follow-up appointments are essential to monitor your healing progress and ensure your immediate dentures continue to fit comfortably. During these visits, your dentist may adjust or reline your dentures as needed to maintain a proper fit throughout the healing process.

Transitioning from immediate to Definitive Dentures

Once your mouth has healed, your dentist will take new impressions and create a definitive or permanent set of dentures. This process ensures that your dentures will fit your healed gums and jawbone perfectly. Transitioning to your permanent dentures is an essential step to maintaining your oral health and comfort.

Meet Dr. Steph: A Dentist with a Special Interest in Removable Prosthodontics

When it comes to creating the perfect fitting dentures, the skill and expertise of the dentist play a significant role. That’s where Dr. Steph comes in. As a dentist with a Special Interest in Removable Prosthodontics, Dr. Steph is a master in crafting the best fitting dentures possible.

Her dedication and meticulous attention to detail set her apart in the field. Not only does she apply her expertise to patient care at Vallance Dental Centre, but she also shares her knowledge by teaching other dentists and technicians the art of creating the perfect dentures. Her passion for her craft is evident in every set of dentures she creates.

We are incredibly proud to work with Dr. Steph, whose commitment to excellence helps us provide some of the best dentures in the North West. With her skills and our commitment to patient care, we are confident that we can provide you with dentures that not only fit perfectly but also restore your smile and confidence.

Ready to experience the difference a professional like Dr. Steph can make? Get in touch with us today.

  • Steph Azmy

    Dr Steph is passionate about cosmetic, functional dentures made with precision. She is often referred to by her colleagues and patients as the ‘Denture Queen’ because of her love for removable prosthodontics.

    She is completing a PGDip in Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry. Steph has a passion for teaching and will often speak alongside her colleagues on courses/seminars as well as show casing her work on instagram.

    Outside of work Steph loves to play tennis and football as well as hitting the gym.

    • BDS Bachelor in Dental Surgery
    • Registration number: 278636
    • University of Manchester
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Frequently Asked Questions about Immediate Dentures

We’ve gathered some common questions and concerns about immediate dentures to help you better understand this transformative treatment:

  • Adjusting to immediate Dentures

    It’s normal to experience some initial discomfort when getting used to your immediate dentures. Practice speaking, eating, and smiling with your new teeth to adjust more quickly. If you’re experiencing persistent discomfort, consult your dentist for possible adjustments. Remember, it takes time to adapt to your new dentures, so be patient with yourself.

  • Managing Dental Anxiety

    It’s not uncommon to feel nervous about dental treatment, especially when it involves tooth extraction and dentures. At Vallance Dental Centre, our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and addressing any concerns you may have. Don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist about your anxiety, so we can work together to make your experience as stress-free as possible.

  • What is the Healing Process and Timeline?

    The healing process after receiving immediate dentures varies for each individual. It typically takes about six to eight weeks for your gums to heal, and up to six months for your jawbone to fully heal. During this time, you may need to visit your dentist for adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Can I sleep with my immediate dentures?

    Your dentist will likely recommend that you wear your immediate dentures 24 hours a day for the first few days, including while you sleep. After this initial period, you should remove them at night to allow your gums to rest.

  • How should I care for my immediate dentures?

    Clean your dentures daily with a soft-bristle toothbrush and a denture-specific cleaner. Rinse them thoroughly and soak them overnight in a denture solution. Remember to clean your gums and any remaining natural teeth as well.

  • Can I eat normally with immediate dentures?

    You may need to adjust your diet temporarily and avoid hard or crunchy foods while you’re healing. Stick to soft foods and gradually reintroduce firmer foods as you become more comfortable with your dentures.

  • How much do dentures cost?

    See our price list here for detailed information on the cost of all denture options

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