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If you have no teeth or need all your teeth removing, learn how full dentures can be used to replace missing teeth

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Steph is a Dentist with a Special Interest in Removable Prosthodontics. She uses her skills to create the best fitting dentures possible and teaches dentists and technicians to do the same. Her attention to detail is second to none and we are proud to work with her to provide some of the best dentures in the North West

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A complete and healthy smile is paramount to personal confidence and everyday comfort. Complete dentures offer a viable solution for those who have lost all their teeth, providing both functional and aesthetic restoration. This extensive guide is committed to imparting a comprehensive understanding of complete dentures, ensuring you are thoroughly informed about this significant aspect of dental health.

What is a Complete Denture?

A complete denture is a custom-made, removable dental prosthetic designed to replace an entire arch of teeth. It restores the appearance and oral functionalities that are lost along with the natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

Before delving deeper into the specifics of complete dentures, it’s crucial to understand the varied world of dentures. Each type caters to different needs, and the right choice depends on individual oral health conditions.

  • 1. Partial Dentures

    Partial dentures fill the gaps left by lost or missing teeth and are held in place by clasps attached to the natural teeth.

    • Ideal for those who have some natural teeth remaining.
    • Fill in spaces created by missing teeth, preventing shifting and tilting of existing teeth.
    • Made from a combination of metal and acrylic.
  • 2. Immediate Dentures:

    Immediate dentures are inserted immediately after the extraction of the natural teeth, providing the benefit of never having to be without teeth during the healing process.

    • Provided immediately after the extraction of teeth.
    • Temporary solution while waiting for permanent dentures.
    • Requires adjustments and relining as the mouth heals.
  • 3. Complete Dentures:

    Complete dentures replace the full set of teeth in the upper or lower jaw, providing a cohesive and natural appearance.

    • Replace all teeth in the upper or lower arch.
    • Custom-made for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.
    • Made from high-quality acrylic and porcelain.
  • 4. Implant-Supported Dentures:

    These dentures are anchored to dental implants for superior stability and support.

    • Anchored to dental implants for enhanced stability and comfort.
    • Minimize bone loss in the jaw.
    • Provide superior function and aesthetics.

Who Needs Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are suitable for individuals who have lost all their natural teeth in an arch, whether due to dental disease, injury, or age-related factors. The loss of all teeth in an arch significantly impacts oral functionality and appearance, making complete dentures a critical tool for oral and overall health restoration.

Before and After Complete Dentures

We have included a before and after dentures pictures that demonstrates the transformative power of complete dentures. A full denture can restore an individual’s ability to eat a variety of foods comfortably, enhancing their overall nutritional intake and enjoyment during meals. By replacing missing teeth and supporting facial structures, it can rejuvenate one’s appearance, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, well-fitted dentures can improve speech clarity, facilitating better communication and social interactions.


Patient Experience “10 out of 10” – Bespoke Dentures

Here is a video from one of our patients to describe their experience with The Vallance Dental Centre:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Complete Dentures

Navigating the world of dental solutions can be complex, and it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option. In our “Advantages and Disadvantages of Complete Dentures” section, we delve into the specifics to help you make an informed decision. We aim to provide an objective outlook on complete dentures includes understanding both the advantages and disadvantages, empowering you to make a well-informed decision.

  • Advantages:
    • Restore aesthetics and function
    • Non-surgical and non-invasive solution
    • Cost-effective compared to implants
  • Disadvantages:
    • May require adjustments and relining over time
    • Unlikely to provide the same stability as dental implants

How are Dentures made?

Understanding the process behind denture creation can be both intriguing and essential for prospective wearers.Find out the stages required to produce a full denture. We aim inform you of what to expect at each stage of denture construction and offer clarity on this intricate procedure.

How much do complete Dentures cost?

Dr Steph focuses on creating customised, bespoke tailored solutions using only the best dental labs and technician team in the UK. You can review our dental charges to understand the costs involved.

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  • Stage 1

    An initial set of impressions are taken using average fit stock impression trays

  • Stage 2

    Wax bite registration blocks are used to record the following

    • position of the jaws when biting
    • Smile line
    • Centre lines
    • Cheek support
    • Length of teeth

    Accurate second impressions are taken with a set of custom made impression trays which are specially designed to fit your mouth only.

    The Technician now has accurate models of your mouth and measurements that tell them where to place the teeth

  • Stage 3

    A wax “try in” is constructed. This is a mockup of your final dentures. The appearance and bite will be checked to ensure it is satisfactory before completion. This stage may need to be repeated if significant changes are required.

    If everything is ok the wax dentures, they’ll be made into acrylic dentures.

  • Stage 4

    Dentures are fitted and adjusted. They take some time to get used to wearing them.

    If there are any sore spots you may require these adjusting at your next appointment and if you do not have an appointment please get in touch to have these spots eased and adjusted.

    Don’t be tempted to adjust them at home, it is best if you leave the adjusting to us or you may take too much off and change the fit.

Meet Dr. Steph: A Dentist with a Special Interest in Removable Prosthodontics

When it comes to creating the perfect fitting dentures, the skill and expertise of the dentist play a significant role. That’s where Dr. Steph comes in. As a dentist with a Special Interest in Removable Prosthodontics, Dr. Steph is a master in crafting the best fitting dentures possible.

Her dedication and meticulous attention to detail set her apart in the field. Not only does she apply her expertise to patient care at Vallance Dental Centre, but she also shares her knowledge by teaching other dentists and technicians the art of creating the perfect dentures. Her passion for her craft is evident in every set of dentures she creates.

We are incredibly proud to work with Dr. Steph, whose commitment to excellence helps us provide some of the best dentures in the North West. With her skills and our commitment to patient care, we are confident that we can provide you with dentures that not only fit perfectly but also restore your smile and confidence.

Ready to experience the difference a professional like Dr. Steph can make? Get in touch with us today.

  • Steph Azmy

    Dr Steph is passionate about cosmetic, functional dentures made with precision. She is often referred to by her colleagues and patients as the ‘Denture Queen’ because of her love for removable prosthodontics.

    She is completing a PGDip in Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry. Steph has a passion for teaching and will often speak alongside her colleagues on courses/seminars as well as show casing her work on instagram.

    Outside of work Steph loves to play tennis and football as well as hitting the gym.

    • BDS Bachelor in Dental Surgery
    • Registration number: 278636
    • University of Manchester
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What are bespoke dentures?

The Perfect Fit: Experience Precision Dentures

Welcome to Dr. Steph’s Perfect Fit gallery, where we celebrate the exceptional craftsmanship and technology behind Bespoke Dentures. Experience comfort, confidence, and a natural look with our custom-made solutions crafted by Dr. Steph.

Watch inspiring videos that demonstrate the remarkable fit and function of dentures crafted by Dr. Steph. Our dental professionals employ advanced techniques to create the perfect fit for each individual.

Immerse yourself in our video gallery and witness the magic of Dr. Steph’s precision dentures today!

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Harriet Hughes
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Liz Hewitt
A seamless appointment process. Amy & Pauline were personable, informative and put me at ease. Great experience

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