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One of our dentists, Stamatios Kioufis has a special interest in gum disease and providing periodontal treatment.


What is periodontal treatment?

Periodontal treatment is the specialist cleaning of your teeth and gums to help control the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Gum disease is caused by the germs (bacteria) which live in your mouth. The bacteria stick to your teeth, irritate the gums and make them bleed. Gum disease can eventually destroy the gum and bone which support your teeth.

Some people get more severe gum disease than others. This may have specific causes such as diabetes or smoking, but some people are just more prone to gum disease.


What happens during the initial periodontal treatment?

We will remove the ‘tartar’ (calculus) caused by bacteria from above the gum line by cleaning (scaling) the teeth.

If the disease has already destroyed some of the support for your teeth we will also remove bacteria and calculus from under the gum by cleaning (scaling and instrumenting) your teeth. This involves the careful use of fine powered and hand operated cleaning instruments on the tooth surfaces.

Periodontal treatment is given over several appointments and the number of appointments you will need depends on how severe and widespread your disease is. Patients with more aggressive forms of gum disease may be asked to take short courses of antibiotics after treatment.

We will also teach you the best methods of cleaning your teeth and gums to remove the bacteria. Treatment will be most effective if you clean your teeth thoroughly on a daily basis.


What are the benefits – why should I have periodontal treatment?

After periodontal treatment your gums will become healthier, which will help you keep your teeth longer. The improvements will depend on how good your cleaning becomes and how severe your disease was to start with. If your gums bleed, are red or are swollen this will get better. If your gums are sore, treatment should help and if your teeth feel loose they may feel firmer after treatment. Your breath may become fresher.


What are the risks?

The gums occasionally feel sore after scaling but should feel better after a few days.

Your teeth may become sensitive to hot, cold or sweet substances but usually this will decrease within a few weeks.

Sometimes you may need to use special toothpaste or have other treatment.


Are there any alternatives?

No treatment: The result of not having treatment will depend on how severe your disease is. With no treatment the gum disease could get worse. Your teeth could become painful or you may lose your teeth sooner.

Extractions: Removal (extraction) of teeth may be an acceptable alternative treatment if your gum disease is severe. This may mean you need replacement teeth such as a denture or bridge. Such treatment would routinely be provided by your own dentist. Some people find it easier and more enjoyable to eat with natural teeth than a denture.

Extractions would reduce the time spent treating your gums and an extraction would remove a painful tooth quickly. An extraction may also be a suitable option if teeth are loose. If your front teeth have a poor appearance a denture may look better.


How can I prepare for periodontal treatment?

Continue to take any medications as normal. Please make sure that you tell us about any problems with your health and about any tablets or medicines you are taking. Some medical conditions change the advice and information we need to give you. If you smoke tobacco we recommend that you stop smoking as gum treatment does not work as well in smokers as nonsmokers.


Will I feel any pain?

You may experience a little discomfort while we are cleaning your teeth so we may give you local anaesthetic

injection to make the gum numb. What happens after the procedure? As the gums become healthier they may shrink or recede and the teeth may appear longer. You may also notice spaces appearing between the teeth. What do I need to do after I go home? There are no special precautions that need to be taken when you return home. You will need to continue with tooth cleaning at home and stick to the special advice given to you by your dentist.


How much does Periodontal Treatment cost?

The vast majority of patients (almost 80%) require non surgical treatment. This treatment, often referred to under the umbrella term “Initial therapy” costs £600. Further surgical and non surgical treatment may be required in some cases which will be discussed at a review appointment.

Finance is available, see our finance calculator here.

See our price list Here for detailed information on the cost of all periodontal treatment options

Meet our Periodontal Team

Mr Stamatios Kioufis

Registration number 207305 DipDS (2007) PGDip (Perio) (2014)

Periodontal treatment

Registration number 207305

Dr Kioufis is a Dentist with a Special Interest in Periodontics and as such is able to offer a high standard of treatment for patients suffering from periodontal disease.

He has been practicing as a Dentist since 2007 and has completed a 4 year postgraduate qualification at the University of Central Lancashire in Periodontics. Dr Kioufis has a real passion for treating periodontal disease and supporting patients to get their oral health back on track.

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Please see our contact page to find out how to contact us for a consultation. A basic consultation at £48 is available to see if the treatment is right for you. Before starting treatment a detailed, comprehensive periodontal consultation is required and will be carried out.

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