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Karim Shokraee 7 minute read Published: 8/04/2020 Last updated: 5/09/2023

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Adopting a new set of dentures often requires tailored denture advice to ease the transition. It’s essential to maintain good denture hygiene, so it is worth investing some time to put a good routine in place. This guide will help you through this process, from the initial sensations of wearing dentures to general denture maintenance.

Why Do New Dentures Feel Strange?

New dentures will feel strange. You may feel that they are enormous, and that you are making excessive quantities of saliva, also that your speech is not clear. These sensations should lessen over a few days as your mouth gets used to the feel of the new teeth.

How Do I Use My Dentures Most Effectively?

There are some skills which have to be learned in order to use dentures well. Most of these skills are learned automatically but very occasionally it can be difficult for some people. The muscles of the tongue, cheeks, and lips etc. will be getting to grips with learning how to hold your dentures in place. You may find it can be very helpful to use a denture fixative to help things. This is particularly the case with lower dentures which rely largely on muscle control to keep them in place.

How Do I Speak and Eat With My Dentures?

If the position of the teeth is altered slightly, or the palate is changed in shape it can take a little while for the tongue to learn how to make the right shapes to make the right sounds – particularly ‘S’ and ‘Sh’ sounds. Try reading aloud to practice. Things will improve quickly, but only if you give them the chance to – they will not improve if you keep going back to an old set of teeth. Similarly with eating. It is not sensible to expect to be able to manage very hard chewy or sticky foods immediately with new dentures. You need to get used to the new feel, and how the teeth work for you. So choose relatively soft tasty foods to start with, and don’t try to eat too fast.

How Should I Clean My Dentures?

Denture care is very important and it is important to keep them clean. It will also help to keep them looking good and your mouth feeling fresh. To clean your dentures, use ordinary soap or toothpaste to brush them all over to remove any obvious particles of food from them.

Should I Wear My Dentures at Night?

You should leave your dentures out at night if you have been told to do so. If this wasn’t advised by your dentist, we still suggest leaving them out at night whenever possible. Some people do prefer to leave them in overnight, but wearing dentures constantly and never allowing your mouth to rest can sometimes lead to oral thrush.

My Dentures Are Making My Mouth Sore, What Should I Do?

New dentures are made to fit your mouth closely, however over time you may find the denture rubs in several places. Please don’t despair. Please let us know and in the meantime, either go back to your old dentures temporarily, or wear the new ones just for short periods. We will make any adjustments as necessary. .

It is very important to wear the new dentures to your next appointment with the dentist, even if you can only put them in a couple of hours before the appointment. Bring your old dentures too, if you have some, but wear the new ones. This is because it will help the dentist see where the troublesome areas are.

Why Do My New Dentures Look Different to My Old Ones?

It is not always helpful to compare sets of dentures with each other outside your mouth. Dentures and the shape of different sets will be very varied. The mouth changes shape after tooth loss, and continues to alter slowly over time.
It is always worthwhile keeping your last set of dentures (if you have some) as an emergency ‘spare’ set.

How Often Should I See the Dentist if I Wear Dentures?

Full Dentures

It is important to have your mouth checked regularly, at least every 2 years, for health, even if you do not have any natural teeth.

Partial Dentures

This often depends on risk factors to your remaining teeth, please follow your dentists recommendations.

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