On the 2nd November 2020 Dr Howard Mellor retired from ownership of the Vallance Dental Centre.  The practice had previously been owned by the Partnership of Mellor, Wilkinson and Shokraee.  With Mr Mellor retiring from this Partnership full ownership is now transferred to Dr Darren Wilkinson and Dr Karim Shokraee.  On this same date Drs Shokraee and Wilkinson incorporated this business so the official ownership is with the limited company ‘Vallance Dental Centre Ltd’.  Drs Shokraee and Wilkinson are the sole directors of Vallance Dental Centre Ltd.  The old partnership is therefore no longer.

At this stage Dr Mellor is only retiring from his role of practice owner.  It is anticipated he may continue to practice a small amount of dentistry albeit on a scaled back basis.  Dr Mellor will be taking a 3 month break from dentistry (January to April 2021) in which time he will be considering his future.  In the event that Dr Mellor does decide to continue practicing after April it will be on a reduced basis and it is unlikely he will be able to see all the patients he looked after previously.

If you have been a patient of Dr Mellor then we recommend that you use this opportunity to find a new dentist.  The Vallance Dental Centre will try to accommodate any of Dr Mellor’s patients who wish to remain at the practice by registering them with one of our other dentists.  You do not need to act today and can arrange this next time you are due or need an appointment.  Please note if you have not seen Dr Mellor or any other dentist at the practice within the last 2 years we are unlikely to continue your registration.

Please be reassured that nothing else at the practice is changing.  All of the staff and the other dentists will remain unchanged and unaffected.  We will continue with the exact same ethos as before and our commitment to providing high quality and ethical NHS and private treatments remains unchanged.  Any patients who were not registered with Dr Mellor will be unaffected.

Dr Mellor wishes to post the following statement….

“I am currently celebrating 40 years in dentistry and 35 years working in Ardwick at the Vallance Dental Centre .  I have recently transferred full ownership to my partners Karim Shokraee and Darren Wilkinson.  I have really enjoyed caring for the local community and also training newly qualified dentists for the past 22 years.  After Christmas I will be retiring but may return in a locum/consulting/training role from April although I have not fully decided my future yet.  I really appreciate the loyalty and friendship my patients have shown to me and the practice over the years.  I feel privileged to have served these patients and this community”.